The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.
- St. Augustine.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Financing madness

I unfortunately left Peru and am back home in New York. It's great to be home but man, there is nowhere like New York that smacks you on the head and tells you to make some damn money. As soon as I got home, I realized how much money my gap year of traveling and volunteering would probably require, and how little money I make from my current job in retail.

So! Whether I spend a few months or an entire year working, I am going to pursue my dream of volunteering around the world. Here are some financing options that I am currently brainstorming:

1. Travelocity's Change Ambassadors Travel Grant ($5000 towards one volunteer vacation)
2. Letter campaign to my city councilors, statesmen, business owners (my friend who I went with to Ecuador wrote letters to travel to the Galapagos - and that was only for vacation!)
3. Modeling (hey, it pays)
4. Tutoring (I just sent off an application to Kaplan, and to be honest, I quite enjoyed studying for and tutoring the SAT)

In other news, I am just beginning to edit the videos that I took for Colobri. I want to create a high quality product for them, so I predict that this video will take me at least three months considering all the other projects I am currently involved in (such as trying to figure out my life).

In the end, I am trying to pursue my dream and I think that it will all be worth it. That's what we all have to remember.